Naughty Penguin Hard Cider

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About Us:

The Naughty Penguin Hard Cider is a fresh new hard cider that is springing into the Triangle area. We are a small batch nano ciderworks who embrace the natural character of the apple, thus allowing for some variation between batches.  Rather than trying to change it, the Naughty Penguin likes to let the apples sing. We are strong believers in supporting local businesses and use locally sourced apples to craft our hard cider. 


A New Year and Moving Forward:

The Naughty Penguin is happy to invite in the New Year. This past 2016 has been a great first year for us. We have grown thanks to all the support of our wonderful customers are now moving into a bigger location. Due to the move we have had to halt all hard cider production until we are able to get the location up and running. We are sorry to all of our wonderful customers but do not worry we will be back as soon as possible! We are very excited for what this New Year will bring! Please keep an eye out for our updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.