Our Cider: We have been making cider for several years now. We are craft an “old school” hard cider that is not back sweetened or highly carbonated. When making our cider we have discovered the best flavors come from the apples themselves. All of our ciders are a variation of dry and semi-carbonated. We hope you all enjoy our ciders as much as we do!  


Emperor's Select

This is the flagship cider for The Naughty Penguin. Crafted with our pink lady apple blend and an English yeast. The end result is an English-style cider that is crisp, dry, and goes down easy.

This cute combination of names is the cousin of our flagship cider, Emperor's Select.  Crafted with our pink lady apple blend and an English yeast. We then infuse the end product with unfermented pink lady apple cider, sweetening it slightly and accentuating the apple's original characteristics.


Royal Strawberry Patch

This is an infusion of multiple pints of strawberries into the Emperor's Select. We pluck and mash real strawberries then drop them in. The color and juice from this cider is 100% from strawberries with no additives or sweeteners. Ending with a light crisp strawberry cider that you can not resist.