Naughty Penguin Hard Cider






About Us:

The Naughty Penguin Hard Cider is a fresh new hard cider that is springing into the Triangle area. We are a small batch nano ciderworks who embrace the natural character of the apple, thus allowing for some variation between batches.  Rather than trying to change it, the Naughty Penguin likes to let the apples sing. We are strong believers in supporting local businesses and use locally sourced apples to craft our hard cider. 

A 2018 Update!:

It is official! The Naughty Penguin is OPEN! We want to thank everyone for your patience and support over the past year! We will start rolling (and waddling) our kegs out to your favorite bars, restaurants, and bottle shops over the next 2 months! Please feel free to message us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for locations you would like to see The Naughty Penguin!